The earliest history of Blokzijl dates back to the 15th century when ‘Blocksyl’ was first mentioned. The current name comes from 1581 when, during the 80 Year War, the sluice was fortified and in the years following a stronghold was built. Blokzijl got its city rights in 1672, soon followed by years of despair and disasters, with siltings up of the harbour, famines, floods and diseases like the plague. During the Golden Century Blokzijl knew periods of great prosperity. The sheltered Havenkolk was constructed somewhere around 1560; there we can see the richness of the past reflected in the historical buildings with a variety of beautiful façades. Blokzijl today is a very cozy port town. Some attractions are the nice terraces and shops, the church from the 17th century, restaurant Kaatje at the Sluis and Museum Het Gildenhuys.