Elburg is a picturesque fortress city, directly at the Veluwemeer. Once – as member of the German Hanze – it was a prosperous town, but numerous setbacks resulted in radical changes. Elburg was troubled by many floods and after the hurricane of 1362 and the flood of 1367, the then masters made the prestigious decision to move Elburg totally and rebuild it completely. This task was completed in only four years, and was supervised by steward Arent Thoe Boecop. A new city, with a solid stronghold, canals, walls and a number of defence towers. In the 19th century a large portion of the stronghold was removed and new houses for the growing population were built in its place. The impressive Visscherstoren, the only remaining canal and the many monumental buildings are still admired by the many tourists who visit Elburg each year. The nice little port is also worth visiting.

elburg langs het water

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