Urk & Noordoostpolder

Urk is bursting with traditions and monuments. Urk’s history can be seen at the museum ’t Oude Raadhuis. The fish market, the lighthouse from 1844, the impressive fishermen’s monument and the excellent fish restaurants… fascinating aspects of the fishermen’s village Urk. Also in the Noordoostpolder: be sure not to miss museum ánd UNESCO world heritage Schokland. Schokland is an impoldered island and the museum tells the remarkable tale of Schokland’s turbulent history.
Reference: www.museumschokland.nl

Or visit museum Nagele which focuses mainly on architecture and Nagele’s role in the Dutch architectural history. The museum holds documentary treasures and you can also capture a realistic view while walking through the village itself.
Reference: www.museumnagele.nl

urk rond het IJsselmeer